Vishwa Jagriti Mission (Singapore)

Update: Vishwa Jagriti Mission (Singapore)’s Monthly Satsangs

This is the website for Singapore’s chapter of the Vishwa Jagriti Mission.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission is a social and cultural organization engaged in reviving the spiritual and cultural richness of India. His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj is the Patron-in-Chief and founder of the mission. Activities of the mission are conducted by an elected board of trustees. It is registered as a social, cultural, and religious society in Delhi, India.

Shri Sudhanshuji established the “Vishwa Jagriti Mission” on March 24, 1991. His Holiness founded the mission to ensure human devotion to God and to grace the world with the sacred heritage of Indian sages. The mission is based on the golden principles of service, devotion, contentment, meditation, co-operation, dedication, tolerance and sympathy. With the inspiration of Swami Sadanand and Swami Muktanand, meditation, yoga, and devotional prayers were included in the curriculum of the Mission.

As of 2012, Vishwa Jagriti Mission is a 21 year old organization. There are millions of devotees of the mission worldwide who keep faith in the religious leadership of His Divine Grace Sudhanshuji Maharaj. People flock in millions to listen to Him and the other millions listen to Him through electronic media. The Mission has 65 branches and 22 Ashrams in India and abroad.

It has also built free hospitals, orphan homes, old-age homes, meditation centers, and majestic temples for one and all across India.

The mission is actively involved in religious activities as well as humanitarian activities for the elderly, physically handicapped, orphans and poor/under privileged.