His Aspirations

“There are people with ability to reform, innovate, motivate and pacify. They have the capability to nurture new buds instead of the rumbling leaves. They beckon the dawn of light amidst deadening darkness. They believe in action which can transform negative forces into positive energy. Let us initiate such an action which can bring such people in forefront and lead the process of inner and outer transformation”.

His Holiness says about his vision behind the mission “It is my yearning to see the wisdom of ancient India radiate upon the world. May the wisdom coming from sages, quench the thirst of teeming millions. Let there be health, harmony, and happiness for all.”

Since its establishment in 1991, Vishwa Jagriti Mission has constructed hospital, gurukuls, ashrams, meditation retreats, and old age homes to evoke the spirit of selfless service and compassion.

When asked by “Voice of America” as to what India could give to the West, His Holiness replied candidly “India can give peace, tranquility and inner faith to the Western world steeped in materialism”.

The message of His Holiness is simple “Rise to the occasion and realize your true potential; not by escaping from life but by facing the adversities of life headlong”.