His Journey

Coming events cast their shadows before, true to this Sudhanshu ji as a child gave enough indications of the renaissance in Hindu thought that he was to usher in the later years of his life. When the children remain contented with toys and physical comforts he organized people to get together and motivated them to build temple where they all can pray and sing songs in praise of God. By his deeds and divine words he became apple of the eyes of all. People looked up to him to seek his advice. By his conduct and saintly behavior he changed their mindset and removed from their hearts the feelings of jealousy, hatred and animosity.

Like Kabir Nanak and other saints of Bhakati movement, he uses the language which everyone understood. He explained to them the deep secrets of our scriptures in simple and lucid manner.  Scriptures contain eternal knowledge which needs to be interpreted by the illumined Saints like Sudhanshuji, in accordance with the changing times. His teachings incorporate the scientific research which has since been carried out to make the ancient teachings  relevant to modern times. Large number of persons started thronging him to seek solace and guidance. True to the saintly attributes he posses; his cardinal virtue of humility became an ideal for the devotees to emulate.

Soon he become immensely popular, however the popularity did not make him egoist, he remained immersed in the thoughts of God and continues to even today a soft spoken, humble and god loving soul. When he embarked on the journey to spread the gospel of peace, love and the true teachings of our scriptures, he seeing God in all was deeply moved by the ignorance, poverty, and despondency of our people. In order to free them from their present state, he founded Vishwa Jagriti Mission (Universal awakening Mission) in 1991, which seeks to inculcate compassion, non-violence, truth, remembrance of God, politeness, service and awakening in their thoughts and actions by unearthing their hidden potential.

As young Sudhanshu rose in stature and number of disciples rose,.  He started developing Godliness in human hearts by instilling love not fear of God in their hearts.  He impressed upon his followers who by now had become his disciples to behave like sons and daughters of God, kind and just without fear, favour and prejudice and advised them to worship only GOD with full devotion and surrender. Through his soul stirring songs he sends his message of love to all. He emphasized the omnipresence of God and he felt the need of temples where all those who seek God can come and pray together to create divine vibrations by their collective consciousness focused on God.

In the true tradition of householder Saints he entered Grahasth Aashram at the age of 23 on the auspicious day of Makkar Sakranti in 1978. He is an ideal husband and ideal father of two daughters. Through his personal example he teaches the devotees how to balance the various roles assigned to us by God and inspires millions of householders that God can be realized by discharging the duties assigned by Him in accordance with the will of God.

. His quests for self realization lead him to many saints in Himalayas where he learnt the secrets of our scriptures and meditated at Gangotri to experience the concepts he had learnt from the Himalayan Masters A turning point in his life came in Uttarkashi where he came in contact with Yogi Sadanand, dedicated to sadhana in the Himalayas.  He asked Sudhanshuji to realize his own nature real self.  “You are divine, soul, reawaken your dormant strengths and take your meditation to the ultimate point”, he said.  .He meditated till he realized his oneness with God. Once his cup was full with divine love, he felt the need to share it with all. Thus his journey to disseminate the true knowledge began and is still going on helping millions of true seekers all over the world
As Sudhanshu ji dived deeper and deeper in meditation he realised the secrets of Hindu scriptures and deeper perception of all religions and philosophy, and he interpreted them in simple language to be understood by the common people.  He realized that Hindus of India although perceive and believe in one single supreme Entity living and vibrating, powerful and intelligent consciousness, however, since this Entity can’t be seen or described but only felt in its million and one manifestations and therefore ascribes the supreme authority with delegating its powers to three powerful divinities namely Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh who perform the three acts of production, protection and preservation, deliverance and redemption on behalf of the Almighty “Ishwara”.  Since man does not have even an imagery of this supreme Entity to identify with, he worships each of these three personifications as gods.

The sensitive and tender heart of the most revered Sudhanshuji Maharaj exudes the scent of love, purity, truth, goodwill and pious effects of service to mankind.  It flows through his religious songs, touching discourses and produces Satvick waves in the hearts and minds of his millions of followers.  His style of discourses and sankirtan is unique and unparalleled.  He is the Saraswati yugal (artistic duo) of the virtues of Swami Vivekanad and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  He has spread the spiritual wealth of Indian culture in the whole world through his tours in India, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Manila, United States of America, Singapore and Canada.

Revered Sudhanshuji Maharaj is determined to carry to the common man the glorious spiritual wealth of the country and to inculcate in them good habits, of serving parents, elderly people and families.  He longs to create a social and religious awakening in India and the whole world.

His mission is to take the humanity from religion to spirituality , and to nurture, guide and invoke the inner strength and to feel the presence of God.  He is recognized as an intellectual and spiritual leader both at national and international levels.